EcoSafe, Cambro approach to be Eco Friendly

Cambro Manufacturing is committed to promoting sustainability through its EcoSafe processes. They use energy-efficient lighting and equipment, minimize emissions, and employ a dedicated environmental engineer. The company also upholds all environmental regulations, and maintains an environmental manual for compliance guidance. Cambro recycles waste, strives to reduce landfill use, and uses ozone-friendly compounds after stopping the use of CFC and HCFC. They assure their food contact products are safe, comply with regulations, and are BPA-free when possible. Products like Camrack and Camshelving further aid in conserving resources.

Cambro’s EcoSafe manufacturing processes take every step possible to be environmentally protective. Cambro also manufactures a number of products that help foodservice operators be EcoSafe.

Energy Conservation

  • Cambro uses energy efficient lighting throughout Cambro facilities and motion sensors in offices.
  • Energy efficiency is a prime criteria in selection of all of our equipment.
  • We have upgraded primary and auxiliary equipment to be energy efficient as well.
  • We have upgraded natural gas powered equipment to minimize emissions.
  • We employ a full time environmental engineer to oversee energy conservation and waste management.

Waste Management

  • Plastic molding by nature is a clean and controllable industrial process which has low impact on the environment.
  • Major waste streams from manufacturing are recycled.
  • We continually analyze and strive to reduce and eliminate use of landfills.
  • We minimize scrap by controlling and managing production activities and material processing.

Regulatory Agency Compliance and Reporting

It is the policy of Cambro Manufacturing Company to comply with all environmental rules and regulations: local, state, federal and international. Cambro maintains an Environmental Manual to provide guidance to management and employees regarding compliance with these requirements. Cambro manufacturing facilities comply with the following organizations and regulations:

  • Federal EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Federal OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration)
  • Federal Emergency Planning & Community Right-to-Know Act
  • US FDA (Food & Drug Administration)
  • USDA (Dept. of Agriculture)
  • California EPA
  • California OSHA
  • California Water Quality Control Board
  • South Coast AQMD (Air Quality Management District)
  • Various County and City laws and codes

In accordance with the Montreal Protocol, Cambro stopped using CFC and HCFC compounds in blowing agent for insulating foam. The material now used is a more ozone-layer friendly HFC compound.

BPA / #7 plastic (Bisphenol-A)

Recent news coverage regarding baby bottles, has suggested that all plastic containers and bottles labeled with the number “7” contain BPA. While all polycarbonate plastics containing BPA are labeled with the number “7” recycling category, not all number “7” contain BPA. Based on the combination of materials used, some of Cambro products that do not contain BPA fall into category “7” for recycling. Cambro certifies that the food contact products made from the polycarbonate resins meet all applicable requests and regulations in the U. S. regarding food and safety. Bisphenol-A is key building block used to make the polycarbonate resin. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation prescribing safe conditions of use can be found at 21 CFR 177.1580. (Cambro’s Certification Letter)

Products produced with the polycarbonate plastic based resin are meant for its intended use as specified in Cambro’s written materials (e.g. instructions and product labels). The resin meets the FDA regulations to be used safely with food. The Polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins made with bisphenol-a (BPA) have been rigorously tested and safely used for more than 40 years. They have been repeatedly found to be safe for consumer use by governments around the world.

Further information can be found at

Cambro Products that Help Foodservice Operators Conserve Resources

  • Camrack® Wash and Store System
    • Closed external walls completely eliminate the need for rewashing glassware. This saves on reducing water, chemical and utility usage.
    • Wash, store and safely transport stemware & tumblers. Less washing and handling reduces breakage and replacement costs.
    • All these EcoSafe benefits protect rivers, lakes, oceans and landfills.
  • Camshelving
    • The thick polypropylene surface protects the steel core from exposure that would cause rust, so Camshelving lasts a lifetime.
    • Long life means less metal is used as a replacement and less metal is disposed, extending our natural resources.
  • Camtherm Food Holding Cabinet
    • Thermoelectric cabinet uses 48% less electricity than comparable metal cabinets, based on independent testing.
    • Energy efficient.
  • Additional Products
    • The exclusive GripLid® for food pans reduces need for shrink wrap, conserving resources and reducing waste.
    • Cambro makes the widest assortment of durable trays, an alternative to disposable trays and packaging. Using Cambro trays reduces need for paper goods, extending the use of our natural resources and reducing landfill.
    • Cambro is the leader in food storage for the foodservice industry. Durable Round and Square storage containers protect contents and reduce waste.
    • StoreSafe Food Rotation Labels are 100% biodegradable, so they do not harm sewer systems and reduce landfill.

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