Magnetic Attraction: the Benefits of Induction Cooktops

Induction cooking utilizes an electromagnetic field to heat cookware, making it faster, more efficient, and safer than traditional methods. It reduces energy loss, facilitates quicker cleanup, and doesn’t heat the surrounding area as combustion methods do. Induction ranges only activate with magnetic cookware and remain cool to touch, enhancing safety. They are available in numerous models catering to households, food service kitchens, and even portable options.

Induction cooking is unique in that it uses an electromagnetic field to heat cookware, rather than an actual heat source. Energy loss is reduced since all of the heat is directed toward the cookware, not the surrounding space. Because of this direct energy transfer, pans heat up faster than with traditional methods. No more waiting for water to boil or for oil to get hot enough for frying.

Cleanup is also quicker since you don’t have to wait for the cooking surface to cool. By using an electromagnetic field, the induction range can be at the highest setting and be cool to the touch. Only magnetic cookware, such as cast iron cookware or stainless steel, will warm up. In fact, even metal utensils left on the stove are safe from the heat. Induction stoves have a sensor to detect the amount of magnetic material in the field, and won’t activate unless it’s at least the size of a small pot or pan.

In addition, the kitchen itself won’t get as warm as with other cooking methods. Anybody who’s cooked in a small space knows that it can quickly fill with excess heat. This discomfort is almost nonexistent when using an induction range, since only the pan receives the heat. And unlike gas ranges, which release carbon monoxide among other pollutants, induction cooking requires minimal ventilation.

There are a variety of induction cooktops available, including free-standing and countertop models for households and food service kitchens. There are even portable models, which can benefit caterers on the go. They can be used for most cooking needs, as long as the bottom of the pot or pan is made from a magnetic material (you can check by seeing if a magnet will stick to the bottom of the pot).

And because the stove can’t burn non-magnetic surfaces, service staff, guests, and small children will be safe coming into contact with an induction cooktop. With this added efficiency and safety, induction ranges are a great addition for commercial kitchens and high-tech homes.

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