Understanding the Benefits of Convection Ovens versus Conventional Ones

Standard ovens use radiant heat, with warmth spreading from a heating element at the bottom. Convection ovens, however, utilize a fan to circulate heat for quicker and more even cooking. While convection cooking may cause issues for certain baked goods, it’s more efficient for cooking vegetables and meat and saves energy, time, and money.

After pulling together a quick replacement meal, it’s time to go shopping. Suddenly, there’s an array of different brands, sizes, and even types of ovens to choose from. What are they and what’s the difference?

Standard versus Convection Ovens:

Standard ovens work using radiant heat. There is a heating element at the bottom of the oven and as it gets hot, the warmth spreads throughout the oven. It’s similar to how a space heater warms a room.

Convection ovens have one crucial addition that sets them apart from radiant ovens: a fan that circulates heat. This circulation of air allows for a more even cooking outcome in a shorter amount of time. The heat surrounds the food from all directions rather than simply rising from the bottom of the oven.

In many ways, convection cooking is preferred for this quick and even cooking result. However, don’t write off radiant heat entirely. For certain baked goods, having a fan blowing can spell disaster – splattering the oven with batter and creating uneven cakes or loaves. Luckily, many convection ovens have an option to cook food normally, without the fan.

For items including vegetables and meat, convection cooking is the way to go. And because cooking times and temperatures are reduced, these ovens are more energy efficient than standard models. This saves time, energy, and money in the long run.

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