Try Our Food Dehydrators for Healthy Delicious Meals and Snacks

The content discusses food dehydration equipment that offers quality and ranges from professional to countertop models. These appliances are beneficial for Mormons, who prioritize emergency preparedness and food storage. Other enthusiasts include hikers, raw-food lovers, and those seeking an emergency food supply. Buying bulk produce directly from farmers can save money on dehydrated food.

We wanted to offer you top quality at the price you can afford, so our food dehydration equipment options range from large-volume digital touch stainless steel professional models to compact countertop models. We also offer trays and drying sheets suitable for drying herbs, nuts, berries, and fruit leather.

An advocate for emergency preparedness is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS/Mormons). Mormons are encouraged to maintain a year’s supply of food, and over the years have developed long-term food storage expertise. The LDS website is a great resource for instructions on storing dehydrated food. A Google search for “food storage recipes” will return several Latter-Day Saints’ personal websites with recipes using their food storage to include dehydrated ingredients. Other aficionados include outdoor enthusiasts seeking lightweight, nutritious, energy-packed hiking fuel, raw-foodies, and anyone who’s ever been through a power outage and wants to make sure they have an emergency food supply!

Not only is dehydrated food healthy; it can also save you money. Your local grocery store butcher will slice your meat to the desired thickness to make jerky. Our fruits and vegetables often times go from the farmer, to a packing house, to a broker, to a grocery warehouse, and then finally to the retail grocery store. With each step there is a markup in price. You can buy bulk fruits and vegetables directly from farmers during the peak of the season.

Happy dehydrating, happy eating!

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