The Advantages of Cambro Tumblers

Cambro’s plastic tumblers, pitchers and carafes offer numerous benefits; they are break-resistant, ensuring safety, and reducing cleanup time. They can be stacked, which saves on storage space, and their light weight reduces the physical strain for waitstaff. Furthermore, Cambro tumblers are cost-effective, with initial and replacement costs significantly lower than glassware.

Save Time. Cambro’s plastic tumblers, pitchers and carafes are break resistant, reducing the possibility of broken glass in food or the ice bin. Customers and employees are not likely to get cut or wounded. There’s no downtime for cleaning up or inconveniencing customers.

Save Space.
Cambro tumblers can be conveniently stacked, reducing storage space and making them easier to transport. They are all dishwasher safe and can be washed and stored in either open or compartmentalized dishracks.

Save Energy.
Carrying trays filled with beverages can be tiring for your waitstaff. In fact, a tray with 6 filled 22 oz. glasses weighs about 18 pounds. You can reduce the weight nearly 50% with Cambro tumblers compared to glasses. Lower weight means reduced back problems, less carpal tunnel pressure and more cheerful energy for customer service.

Save Money.
Your initial investment in Cambro tumblers is about 33% less than comparable glassware. Cambro tumblers last longer, so your replacement cost is a fraction of glassware. In total, you’ll experience savings the first day you use Cambro tumblers – and spend about 79% less over three years!

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